Free Government Grants Available For 2011!

Ways to Save Money During The Recession

EXCLUSIVE: Massive Money Saving "Trick" Disovered
Julia Sorensen
investigates how ordinary American's are qualifying for free grants every day
WASHINGTON DC -- The current Administration has pledged billions of dollars towards the stimulus plan including allocations for many diverse grant opportunities. Moving into the second quarter of 2011 there are still billions of dollars as yet un-allocated. DailyConsumerAlerts investigate just how easy it is to get a government grant.

For Debbie Stephens it sure was easy. Debbie, a young mother from Stillwater just received a $20,000 check from the Government after applying for a housing Grant.
From Debbie's blog: "I didn't have my hopes up high when we applied for the Grant. I was in total shock when I found out that we qualified."

Debbie's story is a very familiar one in these tough times. She lost her job when she got pregnant leaving them on only one income. "I realized the best thing to do at the time was to try to find us an injection of cash that would give us what we needed with the new baby. Where better to go than to the Government!"

According to the United States States Office Of Management And Budget, the Federal and State Governments are handing out Hundreds of Billions of dollars in Grant money this year to help further stimulate the economy and put money back in the pockets of hardworking Americans.

Debbie and John's research took them to a site called GrantAssist Services. Developed in conjunction with a team of grant writers, the GrantAssist Services kit allows you to quickly identify possible grant opportunities and then easily apply for them.

Within a matter of weeks Debbie and John were approved and received their $20,000.

"The GrantAssist Services kit was fast and easy with clear step-by-step instructions on the application process as well as insider information which gave us the highest odds of being awarded the Grant."

We ordered the GrantAssist Services kit and found it to be comprehensive. Clearly anyone, regardless of their background, can apply for a Government Grant and the chances of receiving it are far greater using this system. GrantAssist Services have supplied us with this free trial link which gives you complete access to all the grant materials for an activation fee of only $2.97.

Sadly, a number of scammers are preying on the American public's growing interest for Grant information. Debbie warns:" Be wary of companies that "guarantee" you Grant money if you sign up with them. Someone can't just guarantee you Grant money. You have to apply for it first."

Getting started is simple. Following these simple steps below is all you need to do to get started.

Go to GrantAssist Services.

Fill out the form to see if you qualify.

Get Instant Access to Thousands of Grants.

With the economy starting to show signs of growth, Government grants are helping thousands of Americans. Be sure to have a look to see if you qualify for a grant. We are recommending that everyone take advantage of this opportunity before it's too late.

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"Ways to Save Money During The Recession"
   at 1:22 PM
Has anyone tried this yet? Looks promising
   at 2:25 PM
I heard about this a few months back. Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am. I just got a check for very close to $15,000. At first I was skeptical, now I'm telling my brother to apply for it as well.
   at 3:40 PM
I think this is great and will come in really handy right now. Im gonna apply I've got nothing to lose!
   at 3:49 PM
for all non believers out there this works! I got the $1.95 kit and It's basically a great information kit for finding Grant sources. I've never seen that level of step-by-step instructions before for Florida Grants.
   at 3:54 PM
The timing of this couldn't be better, my wife and I are struggling too and this could be our answer
   at 3:59 PM
Sorry it took a while, but I wanted to be sure. I received the kit a couple weeks ago and already approved for a home improvement grant and my wife is going back to school free next fall!
Tony M.
   at 7:07 PM
hey what all grants are available?
   at 7:16 PM
It's been a week since I starting browsing thru those grants and it was well worth the shipping fee. this is perfect. thanks.
   at 7:22 PM
hey theres too many to list here. since my last comment i've requested solar panel grants and money for gas. lol
   at 7:27 PM
never even thought about using grants this way.
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Pictured above is John and Debbie Stephens. We had received a letter from Debbie with her secret to getting Free Money From The Government.

Debbie a young mother from found herself being laid off and in real threat of losing her home.

After applying for a Housing Grant with the help of GrantAssist Services Debbie received $20,000 from the Government..

Go to GrantAssist Services

Fill out the form to see if you qualify.

Get Instant Access to Thousands of Grants.

Sign up Today. The trial expires on

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